The Angular Tutorial Learn Front-End Development and Automated Testing with Angular Adam Morgan

The Angular Tutorial teaches you how to develop, test, and deploy a modern front-end web application using the Angular framework.


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About the Author

Adam Morgan

Adam Morgan is the creator of The Angular Tutorial. His prior experience includes software engineering for a variety of companies ranging from CNN, DirecTV, Turner Broadcasting System, NBC, and Mazda. Across these companies he’s filled various roles ranging from full-stack development to UI design and UX research. Adam has also written tutorials for covering automated testing with the AngularJS framework.


  • Needs to be on every Javascript dev's bookshelf!

    by Gravatar Trey S on June 21, 2018 at 10:24

    I am an experienced Javascript developer and I have read several Javascript books and watched many online video courses on the subject. I hope that gives meaning to me saying that this is one of the very best books teaching the subject. Don't let the title of the book fool you. This book offers far more knowledge (to which I attribute the higher price point) than just how to build professional-grade Angular apps. The book over-hauled my understanding of Javascript. I commend the author's ability to distill the complexity of Angular/Javascript and has given me great examples to build upon and incorporate in my own apps.
  • Best book on the market for beginners to JavaScript applications or programming in general.

    by Gravatar Levi Robertson on April 29, 2018 at 17:17 Verified Buyer

    Adam was kind enough to let me have early access to this book while he was writing it. The advice and techniques in this book landed me my dream job and literally doubled my salary. Well worth the $99 bucks, so much so that I have been waiting for it to be for sale just to pay the man for the good he has done to my career. Thanks Adam! Hope this book helps others as much as it helped me!


  • Kaeside Iwuagwu - Front End Web Developer - CNBC

    Adam has a knack for breaking down complex topics while using relatable topics and keeps learning Angular fun. Not only do you learn Angular, but you learn important web concepts while learning the framework. The book does a deep dive into the framework and sets up a deep knowledge base and reusable tooling for any developer to use in their future endeavors. The advantage that this book has over others is its foray into test driven development. Employers often ask about testing experience and this book couples testing along with learning a framework. I highly recommend this for those that wish to add another framework to their toolbelt or those who feel comfortable enough with the basics of vanilla javascript that wish to take their learning to the next level.

  • Levi Robertson - React Developer

    This book along with Adam’s advice has completely changed my career, after just a few examples I felt JavaScript suddenly “click” like never before. JS went from my most dreaded language to the only one I wanted to use and I landed my dream job because of it. I could write a book on just the benefits I have gotten from this one. If you are trying to learn JavaScript, how to architect an app, how to test, or Angular, then this book is a must have. As a React dev I can say with confidence this is the book that really taught me JavaScript.

  • Dmytro Kulikov - AngularJS Tutorial Reader

    Adam, you clearly and simply explained the things which were so difficult for me. Thanks a lot, cheers!

  • ankim - AngularJS Tutorial Reader

    How simply you explain the complex things. Awesome job. Keep it up.

  • Casey Burnett - AngularJS Tutorial Reader

    Your instructions are very clear and well written. I was able to follow not only the syntax, but your thinking as well. Nice work.

  • Bonnard Toc - AngularJS Tutorial Reader

    Great tutorial! One of the best articles/tutorials on the subject. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

  • Naresh - AngularJS Tutorial Reader

    These are great courses and explained very well even a layman can understand. Appreciate your efforts on this course.

  • Tony Montalvo - AngularJS Tutorial Reader

    Just wanted to say thank you for this tutorial! Every step worked and was thoroughly explained with context. Awesome job!

  • Thomas Ryder - AngularJS Tutorial Reader

    Thanks a lot for these tutorials! They’re incredibly clear and well thought out. I especially like the inline code snippets at each stage and the following explanations. It makes following the logical steps nice and easy.

  • Martin Fedec - AngularJS Tutorial Reader

    Awesome! I’ve been putting off testing for a while too (I see the benefits), just couldn’t find a good tutorial! Thanks for this.


  • What is The Angular Tutorial?

    The Angular Tutorial is a book designed to teach front-end development with the Angular framework using automated testing tools such as Karma, Jasmine, and Cypress.

  • Can I read a preview of The Angular Tutorial?

    Yes, you can get a free preview of the first 8 chapters here.

  • Why should I choose The Angular Tutorial over other books?

    The Angular Tutorial teaches the Angular framework with an approach that simulates how a front-end developer would use Angular on the job. Many tutorials cut corners on specific concepts or features within a web framework which leave gaps between what is learned and what a developer can expect on the job. In The Angular Tutorial, you’ll be introduced to Angular in a way that’s as “real world” as possible.

    In other books, interacting with a real API and database is often skipped with hard-coded values used as a substitute. Topics such as automated testing are usually skipped entirely. In The Angular Tutorial, you’ll be provided an API that you’ll setup just as you would as a front-end developer in a real job. Throughout the rest of the book you’ll then learn how to read the API’s documentation, creating and deploying a fully tested Angular application that interacts with a real database and API.

  • Is The Angular Tutorial appropriate for complete beginners?

    The Angular Tutorial is a book that would be very challenging for complete beginners but not impossible for someone who’s resilient and determined to learn front-end development.

  • What are the prerequisities for The Angular Tutorial?

    I recommend familiarty with HTML, CSS, and some previous programming experience with JavaScript or TypeScript. If you’re familiar with the concepts within MDN’s JavaScript First Steps and JavaScript building blocks guides, you should feel comfortable with the material in this book.

  • What does The Angular Tutorial Cover?

    Here are the chapter titles for The Angular Tutorial:

    1. Book Methodology
    2. How Web Applications Work
    3. Getting Started and Installation
    4. API Setup and Installation
    5. Introduction to Angular
    6. How Angular Works
    7. Home Page and an Introduction to Routing
    8. Introduction to Testing
    9. User Signup
    10. User Dashboard
    11. Route Guard (AuthGuard)
    12. Navbar
    13. User Login
    14. Event Create and HTTP Interceptor
    15. Dashboard Calendar
    16. Event View
    17. Event Comments
    18. Events List
    19. Event Subscribe/Unsubscribe
    20. Event Recommendations
    21. Event Update
    22. Route Guard (EventGuard)
    23. Deploy to Heroku
    24. Appendix: Going Forward
    25. Appendix: Practice
  • What will I be building in The Angular Tutorial?

    In The Angular Tutorial you will be building an internal tool for a fictitious company to help employees coordinate lunches and happy hours. Like most applications, you’ll provide users the ability to create accounts where they can choose a username and password and select a set of preferred “diet preferences”. After creating an account, users can then create “events” which they’ll be able to view on a dashboard which contains a calendar to display their events.

    Within these events, users can see a list of people who have “subscribed” to the event (those who are opting-in to attend the event). You will also provide a comment section within the event so users can further discuss details of the event. In addition to comments, you’ll also provide a list of nearby restaurants that match the diet preferences of the users attending the event.

  • Are there other writing samples from the author I can read?

    Yes. I have written similar material for the website covering automated testing with the AngularJS framework. These tutorials should give you a good idea of my writing style and how I approach teaching a web framework such as Angular.

  • Are screencasts available for The Angular Tutorial?

    Screencasts are currently a work in progress. To be notified when the screencasts are released, join the mailing list.

  • Does this book cover AngularJS?

    No. This book only covers Angular, the latest framework released by Google.